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The Streett Family Christmas Portraits

Mimi and John Streett and my parents have been as thick as thieves for years now. So when Mimi requested a family Christmas portrait session during my visit home, it was like asking if I was willing to photograph members of my own family. When Mimi requested that we use the grounds of St. Vincent’s School for Boys for our photo shoot, my heart skipped a beat. Growing up in Marin County, California, I knew St. Vincent’s to be on my top locations list for photo sessions in Marin. We were able to organize the session the day after Christmas… and every single member of her family wore red and brought their blue eyes! The littlest Streett is the first grandchild and wow, did she not inherit every good gene from both of her parents? I couldn’t keep my camera off her.

Without much further ado… The Streett Family!

St Vincent's School for Boys San Rafael Marin County CaliforniaStreettSt Vincent's School for Boys San Rafael Marin County California  St Vincent's School for Boys San Rafael Marin County CaliforniaStrett2St Vincent's School for Boys San Rafael Marin County California

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The Garcia Family

Baby Olivia joined us on this planet a little over a month ago, and her delightful parents invited me over to their home in Burbank to take some photos. Olivia has a ton of jetblack hair, and beautiful brown eyes. Her mommy and daddy are the luckiest parents in the world to have her, and she them.


KristenPapacPhotography-Garcia-11 instagram-18 KristenPapacPhotography-Garcia-41 KristenPapacPhotography-Garcia-32 KristenPapacPhotography-Garcia-22 KristenPapacPhotography-Garcia-28

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The Segal Family

I had the pleasure of photographing the fun and funny Segal family recently at Franklin Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, CA.

This tight knit family was super easy to photograph and have fun with. I also fell in love with mom and dad’s Christmas/complimentary colored shoes!

This was my first Hybrid family photoshoot. Hybrid simply means that I shot both in digital and film. The images featured here are digital images, but as soon as I get my film images from the awesome FINDlab, I will post the side by side images here…



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Family Portrait FUNdraiser for UPNS

Recently I hosted a Family Portrait FUNdraiser for my son’s amazing cooperative preschool, University Parents Nursery School, here in Los Angeles.

This will be my family’s last year at UPNS, and the thought of that gives me a lump in my throat. We’ve been attached to this community for 4 years now!

What makes UPNS amazing is its diversity, loving teachers, and caring parents who actually work in the classrooms. We really get to know each child and each other.

One of my favorite things is getting people out in nature, and as many families had never been to Franklin Canyon Park, this was the obvious choice for our family sessions. From the winding trails and roads, turtle and duck pond, and falling leaves it was a great backdrop. We had our first blast of fall weather that weekend, which made dressing up in sweaters and fall boots realistic in our normally warm climate.

Here are some of my favorites from the weekend of family portrait sessions:

Franklin Canyon Beverly Hills, CA Family Portrait Photo

Allyn_UPNS FUNdraiser-5 UPNSfundraiser_White-29 Robinson_UPNS FUNdraiser-6

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The Liebermans

The twins have each been in my daughter’s grade school classes, so Adina, Matt and I have become friends these past two years. Adina is a “Redkin Rockstar” and travels worldwide speaking and teaching for Redkin. I have had the pleasure of sitting in her salon chair and boy does she do a mean cut and color. So when we decided a long time ago to do a family photo shoot, I knew it would be nothing less than flippin’ F-U-N.

We decided to shoot at Venice Beach because the boys in the family love to skate. When I asked Adina what the girls would do while they skated, she quipped, “Be beautiful.” and of course they were:


And here are the menfolk doin’ their sk8 thang…


But that was at the end. Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we?

I ventured around Venice Beach looking for locations to shoot, but also just to take in the view…tons of people, all with interesting visual tales to tell. But that is for another post. Here are a few of the environmental shots I took:


The rules for the skate park at Venice Beach are pretty extensive and so I had to get a shot of them, plus the cars that day at Venice Beach were, shall we say, unusual? And of course what kid doesn’t love a warm slice of pizza for early dinner?venice2

This family has blue eyes and shoes for days:


While getting ready for the family photo shoot I captured Adina doing what she does best: styling her daughter’s hair. You can take the girl out of the salon but not the salon out of the girl!


The Family that plays together, stays together! Thanks Adina and Matt for letting me spend the afternoon with your Bada$$ family! What a great choice of location – to skate and have fun in the sun at Venice Beach while showcasing your colorful, fun and beautiful family. Until next time…


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Do you use your Smartphone, mama? So do we professional photographers!

Oh, did you know?

I have two children and I snap photos of them on my iPhone incessantly? What, you haven’t been following my Facebook posts or my Instagram feed?

Do you have an iPhone, mama? A Smartphone, mama?

I think as a modern parents we are programmed to want to capture every instance of our children’s life. However, I cannot be toting around my Nikon DSLR everywhere, people. Even though I love it to death. Almost as much as my children.

For day to day life my iPhone wins. It is always with me, takes truly good pictures, and even video! What more can a parent ask for?

So yes, you can take amazing photos on an iPhone. Most top photographers I know are on Instagram, and they even tell you when the photo they’re sharing is captured with their iPhone or Smartphone.

Without further ado…here are a few of my faves from the last couple of months. Maybe this will become a new weekly blog thing? You know, in case you missed my personal Facebook posts, or Instagram feed. or… Gah!

Let me be clear lest you misunderstand…this is only for day to day usage. When it comes to taking photos for that wall canvas or for Christmas cards, and iPhone just doesn’t cut it for me. Maybe I’ll explain why in the future…but for now, enjoy these cuties!

Kristen Papac Child Photographer

In their Sunday best!

Like what you see? Contact me!


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