Kristen Burtch and Angela Clouse Family Photos

Recently I took family / couple portraits at Griffith Park here in Los Angeles.

We are all photographers so we got together and shared our craft with each other.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you two of my favorite couples:

Kristen + Alex + Bailey = Burtch Photography

Angela + Jamey = Angela Clouse Lifestyle Photographer

First up, Kristen (otherwise known as my name sister) and her genius husband Alex and sweet newly adopted Bailey show their family love:

KristenPapacPhotography-4 KristenPapacPhotography copy 3

When I say love I mean L-O-V-E. Aren’t they precious?

KristenPapacPhotography-2 copy 3

The fall leaves at Griffith Park add a nice touch, don’t they? Along with winter sweaters and boots, you really can feel the crisp fall breeze…

alas, we live in Los Angeles, so like Hollywood we do a great job at pretending!

But yes, leaves on the ground does equal fall around Los Angeles.

Angela and Jamey SAY they haven’t taken couples portraits in well, about a decade, but I’m barely believing them.

They look like seasoned PROS!


KristenPapacPhotography-3 copy

Jamey is a film guy and directed a couple of very cinematic shots for our session! It’s easy to make use of the backdrops at the Old Zoo Picnic Area in Griffith Park.

Yes, literally, those are old wild animal enclosures:

KristenPapacPhotography-2 copy 2

Dramatic, right?

KristenPapacPhotography-2 copy

Can you tell we have fun when we get together? Angela is really the cinema star with her handsome leading man! When you get together several photographers and a film director, you never quite know what will happen. I am so glad we took advantage of the Old Zoo Picnic Area at Griffith Park to make some holiday memories for our families (shout out to our location scouts!) I know I will be using our photos as gifts for family and Christmas cards for friends. As Kristen said, “I cannot stop staring at them.” We got to taste what our clients feel for a moment…the giddy feeling of seeing your portraits come to life.

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