SCPBP Terms of Use


1. Copyright: Members are expected to abide by copyright law. This includes, among other things, using other people’s photos or wording in your website or promotional materials, or even using unlicensed music. It is unethical and illegal. Please take a thorough look at your website and promotional materials and be sure that all content is yours and is not in violation of copyright law. Copyright violations of member content will lead to an immediate dismissal from the group.

2. Permission: Please only share images for which you have a signed model release, and/or direct written permission from the subjects that it can be posted online.

3. Referrals: We love referrals for each other! Regardless of the budget, we love it when you are kind enough to share leads with the rest of the group.  If the referral budget is out of your range, simply ignore the lead.  Any negative comments about how low or high the budget is will be promptly removed.

4. Like Trains: We do not allow random “like my photo” or “like my page” posts. These types of posts will be promptly removed by an admin.

5. Promotion: If posting about for profit workshops/seminars/products, post it once, and one time only. Duplicate posts will be deleted promptly by admins. Posting about contests to win free products is not allowed.

6. Screen Shots: Please, do not screen shot or otherwise copy conversations occurring in this private Birth Photography group and post them in other groups. The content presented here by members is for discussion in this group only. Or, in cases of conflict, in private messages with members and/or admin.

7. Conduct: This is a drama free group. Keep the atmosphere and dialogue positive.

Any negative or derogatory comments will force the admins to ban you permanently. All members of this group are to behave in a professional manner. This includes treating members of the group (and those outside of the group) with respect and addressing issues in a professional way, even when there is conflict. There is more than one way to say or do anything. State your position, listen to what others have to say, agree to disagree and move on. If you are unable to resolve the conflict, the first step in dealing with conflict is to contact the person who has offended you privately and work it out. If you have conflict with someone in this group that cannot be worked out privately, please contact an admin and appropriate action will be taken.

8. Gossip is not constructive and posts for the purpose of gossip will be removed. The birth community is very small and interconnected.

For example: “I can’t believe this doula in this doula group I am in who says, ‘I just love birth photography so much I’m doing it for free. Why do birth photographers charge so much?!'” Is an example of an inappropriate share because the purpose is to complain about someone who is not present in the group.

Instead: “How do I respond to a doula who thinks birth photography is too expensive and is not willing to charge for her services?” is a constructive way to approach the topic and is acceptable.

9. Stay Active: Each member must post at least one topic for discussion every month, or you will be promptly removed. We want active participants, and not somebody who chimes in only when a referral is given.

10. Membership Map: Please add your name to the member contact/referral/back-up list if you are an active birth photographer and are able to be contacted about referrals and/or becoming a back-up photographer. Add your information to the member contacts and group map when you are admitted.

11. Personal: If posting personal cute baby photos, personal projects, please also just post it once, and once only. Please use your best discretion.

12. Accomplishments and Humble Brags: We support each others accomplishments. If you’ve been published somewhere, feel free to share it with the group. Feel free to #humblebrag 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me directly. I will be more than happy to answer them for you.
Kristen Marin Papac