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En Caul Homebirth

Dear ones,

It has been just over a year since I had the good fortune to document this birth. This birth was transfomational not only for me as a photographer, but for me as a woman. Here for the first time I witnessed a woman completely in her power and supported 10000000000%. Jennifer Stroh, of Cloud 9 Birth, is not only mama’s good friend from childhood, but is also a fantastic doula. The support she gave to mama Emily was immense and ceaseless. See for yourself below.

South Coast Midwifery midwives and support staff attended, and they were fabulous. Little did we know, Dexter came out en caul, and they were thrilled I was able to capture this special birth.

Beyond this, Emily’s husband Daniel was there to support, as well as Emily’s mom, but most importantly there was little Ansley. She was so happy to be with mama during this transition time in their lives. How she mirrored her mama was incredible! The love and genuine concern she showed when her mama was laboring down and during delivery brought tears to most of our eyes. What a sweet pea!

The birth high from this birth was hard to describe. It felt genuinely like a birth done well, right, and good. Like a good movie you want to watch over and over again.





Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-41 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-46Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-52 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-58

Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-65Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-79 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-88 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-97 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-106


editedforweb-1 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-172 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-176 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-177Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-182 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-194 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-205 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-202 Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-212Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-219Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-21-2Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-40-2Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-45-2Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-41-2Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-65-2Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-66-2Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-106-2Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-118-2Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-121-2Kristen_Marin_Photography_Olinger_Homebirth_BW-126-2

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The littlest Sheik: Sneak Peek

This past weekend a new baby entered our world and I was able to be there to witness his birth. Cheryl is a photographer friend, and asked if I could photograph her babies birth. I was so happy that she asked! A longer post will be coming soon, but I just wanted to share a few images for Cheryl and her incredible husband Kevin. Her mom, her husband, and the amazing midwives at Beach Cities Midwifery were an incredible support team for Cheryl. Cheryl herself was a most focused mama, and I was so impressed with her calm and centered demeanor as she delivered her baby boy.

beach cities midwifery birth photos

beach cities midwifery birth photosbeach cities midwifery birth photos

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Little Baby Boy G’s Birth

Baby G’s Mama called me up a week before her due date. She told me she was going to the doctor but that she had to bring her hospital bag because she didn’t know if they would admit her to the hospital or not. She had gestational diabetes which can lead to several complications, one of them being a baby who is under stress and needs to come out early.


She called several hours later saying that she had been admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and her labor was starting to be induced with pitocin. I was able to rush over there thinking she would already have her support team of her doula and husband assembled, but when I walked in she was alone in the room working on a paper that was due that day! I definitely knew she was not to the uncomfortable stage yet, as she was relaxed and talkative, and I also knew she probably would not finish that paper on time!!!

Her husband came straight to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from the desert where he had been filming a commercial, and they had not seen each other for a whole week! Needless to say, the reunion was heartfelt, as excitement for the impending birth filled the room.


The quality of care she received from Cedars-Sinai nurses, and her doctor was incredible. They were patient and calm and explained every procedure in detail. Because she was induced and the baby was showing signs of stress, she had to wear a fetal monitor at all times and an oxygen mask at intervals to make sure the baby was getting enough oxygen. She also had to check her blood sugar several times. Despite these complications, the nurses and doctors helped her make her desire for a natural delivery possible. Her doula was also invaluable. She kept mama calm and centered, and was her emotional and mental leader. To watch the dynamic between them left me in awe of the strength and power of compassionate support during labor and delivery. Mama also brought some prayer and meditation objects while meditative music and candlelight filled the room. It truly was an east meets west delivery.

cedars-sinai birth

After many hours of laboring, Mama was ready to push. Suddenly a team of over 8 Cedars-Sinai nurses and her doctor came into the room to prepare for the delivery. Baby Boy G was delivered soon after midnight and was healthy. Needless to say, we were all overjoyed!

cedars-sinai birth 2First he received kisses and cuddles from Mama on her chest, and after a little while Daddy cut his umbilical cord. Then the Cedars-Sinai pediatric nurses took him to be assessed, weighed, measured, and to receive his first diaper!

cedars-sinai birth 3Cedars Sinai Birth 4

Capturing these first moments of bonding between baby boy and his Daddy were precious, and did not leave this mama with dry eyes! Also, newborn expressions are just the best!

Cedars Sinai Birth 5


Of course nursing and cuddling with Mama was equally as precious. I am so honored that I was able to capture these first intimate moments in Baby Boy G’s and his parents’ new life together.

Cedars-Sinai Birth 6

A big shout out of gratitude goes to the nurses and doctors of Cedar-Sinai Medical Center Obstetrics and Gynecology Department for going above and beyond for a safe and healthy delivery for Baby Boy G. It was an experience I will never forget!

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