the threads of our selves before there was a we have become entwined

we are a strong knit, having been tightly knit


to whom that holds the knitting hook, I am forever grateful

as we were woven into a quilt of love larger than the sum of us


the early craft was easy

we were inseparable in our lust

separated from our previous selves we became us


when we came up to breathe

we found we had already been woven into a tapestry

perfect in its newness, the yarn sleek and shiny


the tears began as we tested our love’s limits

testing how strong the weave was

small tears that were easily reparable with words of sorry

and kisses


as the years have gone on, however, the rips and tears have grown larger

more mature, our knit more stressed and frayed

not so easily knotted back under and over with words


we have learned that only

continued kindness

constant contact

making an effort

putting each other first

can overcome the tests to our thread.


our love is comfortable and warm,

no longer shiny but worn and repaired


to whom that holds the knitting hook, I am forever grateful

to those that have taught us how to repair, I am forever grateful

to you, my fellow thread, I am forever grateful

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